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Dylan Kwasniewski #3 Late Model

Dear Dean,
    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for Dylan and his Late Model program at the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale. When we decided to move Dylan into Late Model racing in California, We felt that the fastest way to get Dylan up to speed and running up front was to turn to you and RBK. Leasing the Late model car provided us with the best possible equipment and crew at the track and allowed my team in Las Vegas to focus on our Late Model/ Modified program here. It was the best decision from an economical standpoint, but it also shortened the learning curve for Dylan. Your car was always prepared, ready to go and safe. To say we meshed with you and the crew is an understatement. The serious but fun nature everyone approached each race, made the racing experience not only successful but, enjoyable.
   I appreciate your honesty from day one about what to expect from the program and I was never

blindsided with a huge repair bill or surprise charges. Steve, Jim, and Kenny gave 150% every test, practice or race day and were consistent and reliable. We knew that from start to finish, we were in good hands with you guys. We appreciate that and wouldnít hesitate to recommend your program to any driver looking for a winning combination to race and finish up front. We wish you and the crew continued success at Toyota Speedway at Irwindale.
Jennifer Kwasniewski,
Dylan Kwasniewski Racing

Mike Johnson #17 Late Model

9 years of racing without Dean- 3 Main event wins, 2 years of racing with Dean 12 main event Wins. No more Racing without Dean!! - Mike Johnson





Ryan Partridge #11 Super Late Model

Ryan Partridge Racing was given the opportunity to receive Dean Kuhn's services on our Eshleman Racing "BATMAN" Super Late Model.As a direct result we set the NASCAR Super Late Model record at Toyota Speedway @ Irwindale and using what Dean gave us we also were able to win the NASCAR Toyota All Star Showdown in 2011. Dean has vast knowledge and a keen eye, he will always be a "Go-To" guy for Ryan Partridge Racing... 


Matt Hicks #28 Super Late Model

   I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much your racecar knowledge has meant to Matthew Hicks Racing. When we chose to move Matthew up from Legends into the King Taco Super Trucks at Irwindale Speedway, we knew you were the one to call for setup help for the half mile track since you were the dominant racer not only at Irwindale but all the tracks you raced throughout the Western United States. We purchased our truck in 2006 and immediately took it to your shop to get the geometry and race setup. It paid off right away. We won two races in 2006 and 7 out of 14 races in 2007. After the 2007 season, we sold the truck after 9 wins, 6 fast times and 22 top 5's in 28 races.
   In 2008 we bought a Super Late Model and once again, took it straight to your shop to get the geometry and setup done by RBK. Again, as with the truck, it paid off right away. Matthew won in his 5th race ever in a Super Late Model at the toughest track in the west against big racing names in short track racing like Rip Michels and Nick Joanides.
   We're looking at changing series again in 2012 and will certainly be taking that car to RBK. Thank you so much for all your help both in your shop and at the track. Without you, Matthew would never have had the success he has had in full size racecars. Matt Hicks www.matthewhicksracing.com

Neil Conrad  #87 Southwest Tour Truck

    Now that the season has concluded just wanted to send you a big "Thank You!" It's hard to believe the improvement in my truck's handling since you worked on the setup 2 years ago. It's hard to believe that over the last 2 seasons of racing here at Toyota speedway at Irwindale, I have never finished outside of the top 3 (with the exception of that one big wreck we were involved in last year). I sure do appreciate all your last minute "phone a friend" advice while at the track. You are an invaluable asset and friend.
Again, Thanks and know that you will be hearing from me soon this off season.
Neil Conrad  #87 Southwest Tour Truck


Lynn Hardy #4 Lucas Oil Modified

We recently contracted with Dean to assist us in preparing our Lucas Oil Modified and to serve as Crew Chief at the 2011 Fall Classic in Las Vegas, NV.  The car was very fast right off the trailer and we stayed in the fast top five throughout all practice sessions.  Dean was very thorough in his preparation and very calculated in his adjustments.  His leadership at the track instilled confidence and teamwork among the entire crew.  We had fun and experienced significant car handling improvements over our previous experiences at this event.  We were unfortunately involved in an early racing incident resulting in substantial suspension misalignment but our tenacious driver was still able to wheel the car and salvage a top 10 finish. I highly recommend Dean Kuhn and look forward to working with him in the future.
Gary Dastrup- Manager, Team/Race Operations- HALL Motorsports

Darren Cheek #62 Late Model

RBK is not only a place to make you fast, It's a place to meet awesome people that have the same passion for racing that you have. Dean, I don't know where I would have been in the late model class without you. I learned not only about racing, but about how it works and what it's suppose to do, which a lot can't do. The knowledge I will take from RBK is priceless. I went from mid-pack to top 5s with Deans help. Dean can take a guy with little money, like me, and make you shine. Rbk is how racing should be, Racing but having fun doing it. So if you want to be fast meet a bitchen guy like Dean Kuhn and also have fun doing it, RBK is the place to go. You wont be disappointed.
Darren  2002 and 2007 SS Champion

Chris Johnson #20 Late Model

    Known Dean for eight years. Weíve raced with him and raced against him. In the early years he mentored my son Chris and was a significant contributor to our success in the truck series. When Deanís focus shifted to Late Models, I asked for help again. Dean came up with a plan to re-clip my car, getting rid of the leaf springs and installing a Race Car Factory 3-link clip that would include some of his own innovations. While on his table, he mapped out the entire chassis and engineered a set-up that was fast and driver friendly. Most importantly, he gave us a chassis that was very responsive to changes and something that we could finally work with.
    Deanís at-the-track support is intense. His minds works like a 7.00 gear at a half mile track. He puts a lot of effort into his work and expects his work to produce results.
Dave Johnson


Brady Helm #45 Southwest Tour Truck

    After 20 years of off-road racing I thought paved circle track racing would be easy, I was wrong. After hooking up with Dean things started making more sense. From his first evaluation of the truck, throughout the set up process and his at the track testing support the information shared by Dean has allowed the Dew Rite
#45 team to run at the front of the SWTT pack.
Brady Helm Driver: #45 Dew Rite Racing - Stage 8 Locking Fasteners - Super Mex Restaurants -
Southwest Tour Truck




Brian Collins #02 Lucas oil modified

    I have been racing for about 11 years, my only regret is that i didn't come to RBK and Dean Kuhn sooner. I have been racing in this modified for three years and prior to bringing my car to Dean, I had never won a trophy dash or even finished in the top five in a main event. Since then I have won a trophy dash and also have two top five finishes and five top tens in the first five races of our season and I'm currently 5th in the points standings. I know I wouldn't be as fast as I am in the most competitive modified series on the west coast if it wasn't for RBK. Thank you RBK (Dean and staff)  Brian Collins  Driver of the 02 Lucas oil modified


James Jaramillo

    "I had a great experience working with Dean. I had previously been working for a year and a half to get my car adapted for me. Not only did Dean help to figure it out, but he is by far one of the best people I have ever worked with. He is smart and cares a lot about his work. He will only get the job done the 'right way'. It was a pleasure working with him and my car works better than I ever would have imagined it to."
    Like I said, I've got a ton of good pics if you need them. Thanks again for everything, it's been fun becoming such good friends throughout the whole process. Send me a link when the site is finished!  James

Ricky James

   Well what can I say about Dean Kuhn or Deano as I like to call him. Myself having no previous auto racing experience before I sat inside of a West Coast Pro Truck had no idea how much was actually involved to go around in a circle! Dean not only watched my truck around the track and knew what adjustments to make, but after explaining to him what I was feeling, he would tell me what he was going to change and WHY. He helped me understand what the effects of the changes were so the next time I would come off the track I could say if it was a change in the right direction. Dean is a very personable and easy going guy that loves to win and doesn't except much else. Deano was the single most important component in helping me win the 2008 WCPT Championship, Irwindale Championship, and Rookie of the Year in my first year of racing. I consider Deano a close friend and respect how fast he can make virtually anything go from my pro truck to late model to my off road truck.  Ricky James

Chase Catina #22 Legend

  Dean has been able to bring his championship driving skills to myself and many others through his vast knowledge of the overall working of a race car. Doesnít matter what type of car you are in. From a Pony stock to any of the touring series. Guaranteed to pick up a tenth or two by having him in your pits. He is a great communicator and motivator. Besides all the knowledge, his shop is equipped with the latest technology to support your racing efforts. I highly recommend Dean and his crew.
Doug and Chase Catina


Sean Bennett #4 Late Model

    After being part of the RBK team I couldn't imagine trying to race with anyone else. Dean does not play favortism toward anyone car in his stable, He wants all of them up front. I know this first hand. I first meet Dean and we raced against each other, Dean gave me everything I needed to be a front runner and race door to door with him, you wont find that anywhere. You can count 100% on Deans word and commitment. RBK is by far the best experience I have ever had in racing.
Thanks, Sean Bennett


SoCal SuperTrucks

    Dean Kuhn was able to help support our race truck in the LOORS SuperLite Series. He offers a full service race team which has the ability to provide full preparation, custom fabrication and welding, as well as helping with our driver development. Dean's knowledge with chassis, motor and shocks are insurmountable. He was able to look how our truck handled on the track and adjust the chassis and shocks for the specific requirements and needs for the track. At the track we felt Dean Kuhn has the best crew in the industry. They are able to carry though Dean's ideals and knowledge with regards to setting up our race truck in a quick and efficient time allowing us to be back on the track practicing and racing.
    If you want to make your racing as fun and easy as possible yet still run up front and be competitive Dean Kuhn should be your next phone call.
Thanks Dean from all of us at SoCal SuperTrucks, San Bernardino, CA

Jim Satterfield #22 Southwest Tour Truck

    I've been racing either as a driver/owner or crew chief since 2001 and always found myself finishing behind a race car delivered by RBK. I knew then I needed to make some changes.
    After a phone call to RBK (Dean Kuhn) all my my race cars and set-up worked has been done through RBK. It truly is a one stop shop. They can/will handle any racing need you have and can give you the best option that fits your situation......."the most bang for your buck". What I especially like at RBK is that they will take the time explain to you the importance of why they're doing, what they're doing to your race car and the importance it carries.
    Currently, I crew chief for a race truck that has been to the shop at RBK and we are second in season points at Irwindale Speedway.
I will never put a race car on the track (new or used) until it has been given the green flag first at RBK.    Jim Satterfield #22 Southwest Tour Truck owner/driver, #45 Southwest Tour Truck crew chief

John Maraia- OFFroad Race truck

    There is nothing more frustrating to a racer than having undependable equipment which was my issue with the 3 previous engines I had built for my desert race truck. Frustration was a understatement enter Dean Kuhn (RBK). I took Dean a piece of coal and got back a shinning diamond. The quality and performance of the engine he built for me makes my hair stand up and my hands shake. Quality and performance is OUTSTANDING. The workmanship that went into the building of the engine and the installation is nothing short of a masterpiece of artwork. The attention to detail is phenomenal. There is nothing better than the feeling of having a dependable quality piece under you !!


John Tyczki #59 Super Late Model

Dean Kuhn is one of the best racecar drivers Iíve have ever known. With that being said I believe that is one of the reasons he is one of the top set up guys on the west coast. Iíve worked with Dean several times and we were always fast off the trailer, Dean has the ability to watch the car on the track and understand exactly what it needs, along with my input we were always able to run up front. Oh if you need a couple of more tenths put him on the radio heís the best!!!!
John Tyczki  2 time track Champion Cajon Speedway


Steve Jennings Auto Shop Teacher

The Producers of Drag Race High called it an impossible task. In fact, during the first season of the show one school didn't finish in time for race day. This is what kept going through my mind during the entire build of our race car. Also, making the experience within reach for my students was really important to me. As I started working with my students & experts, I began to realize it was going to be hard just to keep a project of this magnitude within reach for myself. I had to quickly learn that to build a full blown race car in 10 weeks, with roughly 25 16, 17 & 18 year old high school students, was going to take a strong team effort. I reached out to our local Drag Racing community, who for the most part were eager to help us, which my students and I were very grateful for. My right hand man was Dean Kuhn, who we didn't have to ask for help, and he had made it clear to me that he was there to help me guide my students- I will never forget that selfless act. Building an 8 second 1/4 mile Chevelle was challenging, but not nearly as hard as putting together a great team of students, sponsors and experts. I learned the impossible is possible with enough hard work and that keeping and updating a "to do list" is crucial to getting things done, thanks Dean.

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